Amazing Styling Hacks That Will Make Cheap Outfits Look Expensive

Who doesn’t love fashion? Everyone loves to good their best in the latest fashionable clothes. However, everyone knows that that doesn’t come cheap either. Research shows that one-third of women feel pressurized to look a certain way. People think it is necessary to spend a fortune on highly expensive pieces to create expensive-looking outfits. However, this is far from the truth. You don’t have to own expensive outfits to look luxurious.

You can put together cheap clothes that look expensive if you have some styling hacks up your sleeves. Make the most with clothing items present in your wardrobe, and invest money in cheap clothes that could look expensive with little tricks.

Some affordable clothes that can look expensive

 Easy styling hacks to make cheap clothes look expensive

Coupon codes and money-saving tips

You can elevate your outfit through easy styling tricks and make them look chic and trendy. In this article, we will look at some of the cheap clothing items that look expensive if put together right and discuss saving money through coupon codes.

5 Clothing Items Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe


Clothing Items Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe


Keeping up with fashion and buying expensive clothes is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is not necessary to always wear pricey clothes to look expensive. Instead, you should invest in timeless pieces that can be styled with multiple outfits and give off a luxurious vibe. Here are 5 basic clothing items that everyone should have in their closet.

Structured Bag


Structured Bag


Styling your clothes with structured bags is one of the easiest ways to elevate any outfit. They add an edge to your look and make cheap clothes look expensive. Structured bags, whether big or small in size, are timeless pieces and go with every other outfit. Try to go for neutral colors or pastel colors like black, white, cream, and tan as they can be worn in all seasons. These bags may be a little expensive than the other clothing items, but they are a great one-time investment and will make you look elegant and chic.


Structured Bag


  • According to the survey, an average American woman spends at least $160 on a handbag.
  • Most women own about 11 bags.

Coats and Blazers


Coats and blazer


Adding detail to your outfit by tailoring it with blazers and oversized coats is a great way to make cheap fall clothes look expensive. Investing in a camel coat or a black blazer is a perfect way to upgrade your wardrobe. They are timeless and you can wear them all year long. Moreover, they turn simple outfits into fashionable attires. A simple black blazer adds detail to your outfit. Make sure that it is made of the right fabric and has flattering cuts with high-quality buttons. You can also buy the warmest affordable winter coats, cheap pink ladies jacket, and style them with oversize sweaters and hoodies to slay in winters too.


Coats and blazers


  • The average market value of coats per person amounts to $21.95 annually.
  • The retail sales value of coats and jackets is said to be $98 billion in 2021.

Turtle Neck


Turtle neck


Turtle necks are one of the favorite clothing apparel of fall. They are cozy, trendy, and chic. They make up for the perfect cheap fall clothes that look luxurious with their elongating neckline and knitted texture.  You can design it with an oversized coat and fitted denim to give off a hippie and cozy vibe. Turtle necks can be styled in multiple ways and can turn cheap holiday dresses into expensive-looking outfits, especially for Easter and Thanksgiving. You should invest in a few turtle necks this fall, as this affordable piece gives off an expensive vibe.

Neck Scarf


Neck scarf


Neck scarf is the best thing on the hot-list right now. This simple accessory doesn’t cost much, but once styled with an outfit, it can change the whole look. It brings elegance and sophistication to an outfit. There are many ways that you can style a scarf and make any outfit look put together. These ageless pieces can be worn in all seasons and help you elevate your outfit. You can design them with cheap holiday dresses as well to make them look fashionable and expensive. Invest in these cute pieces and add a touch of class to your look.


Neck scarf


  • According to the survey, 32% of women prefer printed scarfs.
  • 10% of women prefer plain scarfs.

Pointed-Toed Shoes


Toe shoes


A great way to look expensive is to style your apparel with pointed-toed shoes. They are versatile and can be worn at both casual and formal events. You can invest in multiple colors, but having a black pointed-toed shoe, whether heel or flat in your closet is a must. They go with every outfit and are known to easily dress up or down according to the occasion. Pointed-toed shoes are available in a wide variety of designs and are known for their comfort.  Style your cheap new clothes with these pointed-toed shoes and make them look fashionable and expensive.


Toe shoes


  • Study shows that 12% of women keep a spare pair of shoes at work.
  • A survey shows that 13.6% of people spend up to $200 on a pair of shoes.

6 Easy Tips to Make Your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive


Cheap clothes look expensive


Everyone likes to dress up and wear the latest clothes. A study has revealed that an average person spends around $161 per month on clothes. This can be quite expensive if you shop through the most expensive clothing stores. However, looking luxurious doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on clothing. You can create your outfit by assembling different pieces and investing money on timeless pieces. Here are some easy tricks through which you can turn your cheap clothes into expensive-looking ensembles.

Everything Should Be Tailored To Fit Your Body

The first step to look good even in cheap clothes is that they should be perfectly tailored to fit your body. Something even expensive clothes don’t look good on you due to its ill-fitting. While shopping, always go for the clothes that fit right and compliment your body. If you can’t find the right size, it is better to go to a tailor. Getting your outfit tailored to your size can make even a cheap outfit look expensive on you.  This way you can buy clothes through retails and thrift shops, get them fitted, and look amazing in them.

Take Good Take of Your Clothes

You need to take care of your clothes even if they are not that expensive. Try to hang them immediately after taking them off instead of piling them up in a corner. This helps them stay in good shape for longer so that you don’t have to buy clothes every once in a while. Make sure to keep your clothes clean but don’t wash them after every wear as constant washing can wear down the fabric. Always keep your clothes properly steamed or ironed to avoid getting wrinkles and creases. These simple tips will help your clothes look expensive and stay new longer.


Average women spends between


  • An average woman spends between $150 and $400 on clothing per month.
  • The expected lifespan of your clothes is between 1 to 4 years.

Pair Your Outfit With Right Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. They play a huge role in putting the whole outfit together. They are cheaper than clothes and can be styled in multiple ways for different outfits. Investing in accessories is always a good idea as they add color to your look and transform simple attire to an expensive ensemble. You can shop for a cute bag, a pair of shoes, jewelry especially gold, and a perfect pair of glasses. They will enhance the look of your outfit and make cheap clothes look expensive.


Nearly women spends


  • Research indicates that only 35% of women are using all the bags they own.
  • Nearly 10% of women spend $400 on a handbag while 20% of women spend only $200.

Go For An All-Black Or An All-White Look

Monochromatic ensembles such as all-white or all-black are timeless. They are forever in fashion and look chic and expensive. You don’t have to try too hard to good fashionable and sophisticated. Just put together an all-white or an all-black outfit and slay. An advantage of an All-black outfit is that it hides stains. You can wear these ensembles to work, party, or formal event. They boost your confidence and give off classy vibes. You can style them with different patterns and textures and transform cheap clothes into expensive ensembles.

Opt For The Right Fabric

Getting the right fabric is as essential as getting the perfect fit. Your dress doesn’t have to be overly priced to give expensive vibes. If your attire is made up of good quality fabric, it looks natural and luxurious on you. Try to go for fabric like cotton, linen, and faux suede; they are cheap but give off expensive vibes if paired with the right pieces. You can also pair your outfit with satin and silk as they appear more costly than they are. This way you can style cheap new clothes to make them look expensive.


Cotton fabric


  • 78% of people prefer the cotton fabric.
  • According to the survey, only 3% wore silk.

Coupon Codes and Most Expensive Clothing Stores

Shopping can be expensive if you are not too careful.  Everyone wants to get high-quality ensembles and accessories from famous stores. This can put a dent on your wallet. However, it is not as difficult as it is supposed. You can bring your creative side out and put together cheap clothes to make a luxurious-looking outfit. This way you can create your outfit without spending too much. Another great way to shop for your favorite outfits guilt-free is to avail coupon codes and vouchers. Many brands and online websites offer promo codes and discount deals on clothing and accessories. You can get your favorite outfit at affordable prices through it and look stylish.


Research of consumers

  • According to research, 90% of consumers avail coupons during shopping.
  • 83% of shoppers have said that coupons have influenced their shopping behavior.
  • 50% of consumers are most likely to return to a store if they offer coupons.


Everyone likes to dress up as celebrities and wear chic and fashionable clothes. They can be quite expensive if brought from the most expensive clothing stores. However, transforming cheap new clothing to make them look expensive is easy. You can just follow these simple tips and style yourself to look amazing in public. This will help to enhance your look and boost your confidence

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