How Much Should An Average Birthday Present Cost: Ideal Birthday Gifts For Everyone

Birthdays are occasions that are celebrated all over the world. It refers to any person or institute’s birth anniversary or the day they were born. Birthdays are celebrated in many cultures. However, each culture and country has a different way to celebrate the day.

Birthdays are celebrated to rejoice a certain day. People often celebrate it by throwing parties and cutting cakes. For kids and teenagers, birthdays are a great deal. But, as you grow older, this day seems less and less important. A common tradition around the world is to give presents to the birthday girl or boy to make them feel special.

What are some of the traditional ways to celebrate a birthday?

Some of the cheap and best birthday gifts for everyone

Types of birthday gifts popular among people

Celebrating birthdays can get expensive for some people. However, a lot of souvenir stores have coupon deals that allow customers to get low-price and reasonable gifts. In this article, we will be discussing great and affordable ideas for birthday gifts for wife and husband and the average cost of gifts per month.

Common Birthday Tradition Expenses:

Celebrating birthdays are very common nowadays. Although people from different countries have variations in the way they celebrate it, everyone has some basic similarity as well. Throwing parties to cutting cakes to bringing presents, everyone follows these common rituals.

1. Birthday Cards:


Birhtday cards cost

Birthday cards are a great way of wishing someone. They are reasonable and budget-friendly. Many greeting card services offer coupons and provide free-shipping as well. Some people get creative and even buy customized birthday cards while others prefer to make it themselves.

  • A birthday card can cost from 50 cents to 10 dollars.
  • An average birthday card worth is $2 to $4.


2. Cake And Candles:


Cake and candles cost

The cake cutting ceremony was first originated in Germany. People make a wish, blow candles, sing the happy birthday song, and cut the cake. This ritual is a great way to celebrate the birthday of someone. People take pictures to make this moment forever memorable. Recently, amazing new customized cakes are introduced. This may include different Disney princesses for girls and marvel and DC heroes for boys, etc.

  • An 8-inch cake that serves 12 people may cost about $45.
  • A customized birthday cake may cost up to $100.


3. Balloons:


Birthday Balloons Cost

Balloons are a popular way of celebrating because they are colorful and inexpensive. They are easily available in souvenir shops and are a great addition to any decoration. People mostly avail coupon codes to get balloons at a discounted price. Balloons are available in many types. The most common are metallic mylar balloons present in the form of happy birthday and helium balloons.

  • Balloon columns and floor arrangement can range from $40-$110.
  • Balloons arches shaped like a happy birthday may cost $75-$500.


4. Gifts:


Birthday Gift Cost

Gifts have become a necessity during birthdays. Shopping for gifts and coming up with birthday gift ideas can be a time taking task.  The average cost of gifts per month can reach up to $920. This is quite costly for a person. However, many people buy gifts online where they can utilize coupon codes and other money-saving services, making the expense economical. Furthermore, this may vary from person to person.  Another great birthday gift idea is to give gift cards or cash.

  • Gift cards should be in the range of $10-$20 for co-workers and informal friends.
  • $30-$45 for close friends and relatives.
  • Money gifting should fall between $25-$100 depending upon the relation and age.

Birthday Party Expense:


Birthday party expense

Birthday parties are usually very expensive and take a financial toll on the person throwing a party. Still, according to the study, 71% of parents in Australia feel obliged to throw a party. It is found that the annual birthday party and average birthday gift cost may reach up to $500.

Birthday party arrangements include decorations, cake, goodies for guests, and refreshments. Balloons, confetti, and lighting are the soul of any birthday party. These are used to set a party theme. Similarly, cake and refreshments are also necessary to treat the guest. While goody bags are a way to show appreciation to the coming guests.

  • The goody bag may cost up to $10-$12.
  • The price of balloon arrangements may reach $40-$110.
  • A cake can cost up to $45-$100 depending upon the size and flavor.

Gender-Based Birthday Gift Ideas:


Birthday presents are a way of showing appreciation to the person you love. It has become a common tradition to give birthday gifts to husband and wife. A survey shows that 35% of people felt obligated to buy gifts worth $41-$100.

However, this should not be the case. The thought and emotions should matter rather than the price of the present. Some cheap and best birthday gift ideas will help you get the right gift for your partner. Moreover, a lot of online and souvenir stores offer coupons and promo codes for gift items to help their customers to purchase gifts at lower prices.

The basic rule of buying presents for your partners is that the newer any relationship is the less you spent money on their gifts. Although, with each passing year, $21 should be added to the previous total when shopping gifts.

Birthday Gift for Girls:


Birthday Gift for Girls

It is mostly seen that couples that have just started their relationships tend to spend more money on shopping gifts. Boys tend to go all out when purchasing birthday gifts for girlfriend. However, it is quite easy to please a girl. Moreover, there are many deals and coupon vouchers available that allow boys to get affordable gifts.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys:


Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Whereas, birthday gifts for boys are usually reasonable. They have fewer demands and generally don’t expect much from anyone.

  • Couples dating for less than one year, spend an average birthday gift cost of $50 on their partners.
  • Those who are in a relationship for 1 to 3 years, spend an average birthday present cost of $75.

Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Wife:


Birthday gift for wife

It is found that spouses are known to spend approx. $100 on gift shopping for each other. This may vary depending upon the nature of the gift and the person buying it. Many souvenir shops and online websites offer coupons and vouchers that make buying gifts reasonable.

A study shows that men spend an average of 2 hours shopping for gifts from the souvenir store. The birthday gift for the wife should be simple and thoughtful. It can range from jewelry and accessories to cosmetics and clothes.

  • 43% of men think that they can shop independently.
  • 45% of men claim that they are thoughtful.

Birthday Gifts for Husband:


Birthday Gifts for Husband

Although women are known to put more effort when shopping for gifts, they spend less money on birthday gifts for husbands. This is because that they analyze gifts and avail discount offers and coupons deals. Moreover, women spend more time purchasing birthday gifts for husbands.

  • One out of 10 couples doesn’t give their significant others any gift.
  • Women are known to spend twice as much time as men when shopping for gifts.

Age-Based Birthday Gift Ideas:


Ages of human

Different age groups respond to birthdays differently. However, children, especially of 1-5 age and teenagers show more interest in birthdays. They are known to throw extravagant parties and spend more money.

Correspondingly, certain ages are considered a milestone for people and are celebrated with more enthusiasm.  This may include kid’s first birthday to teenagers sweet 16.

Age 1:


Kids birthday gift cost

a child’s 1st birthday is one of the most celebrated events. Parents spend a lot of money and go all out. They are known to set-up customized cakes, lavish decor, and elaborate goody bags. Another great expense is a birthday gifts, since parents and guests often go all-out when giving gifts to the child for reaching the one-year milestone.

  • About 26% of people are known to spend more than $500 on their kid’s first birthday party.
  • A poll suggested that an average birthday party runs to about $400, excluding the presents.

Age 16:


Teenagers Birthday gift cost

Sweet 16 is celebrated by most teenagers especially girls by throwing big parties. It is a common tradition in the USA to give flamboyant gifts to the birthday boy or girl.

  • An average party cost around $1000-$2000.
  • Most people give about $50-$100 as cash gifts to 16-year-olds.

Age 21:


Adult Birthday Gift Cost

Similarly to sweet 16, the 21st birthday of a person is also considered a big deal as the person is regarded as of legal age. Most people at this age request cash instead of presents.

  • Most people give up to $100-$150 to the birthday boy or girl.

Gifts Popular Among Different Genders and Age Groups:

Who doesn’t love gifts? Gifts are adored by everyone especially those given by loved ones. However, as people grow older, their gifts preference also changes. Some even refuse gifts and start to request for cash instead.

Here are some of the popular birthday gifts for husband and wife- preference based on gender:

Birthday Gift For Wife Ideas Birthday Gift For Husband Ideas
Flowers Video games
Watches Watches
Perfumes Shirts
Handwritten notes Personalized cups
Makeup Gadgets


Popular Birthday Gifts for Girls Based On Age:


Girl’s age Birthday gifts for her
1-5 Any toy or stuffed animals (should be colorful and attractive)
5-10 Puppets or dolls
10-15 Puzzles, books
16-20 Accessories, gadgets
21-25 Watches, jewelry


Popular Birthday Gifts for Boys Based On Age:


Boy’s age Birthday gifts for him
1-5 Toys or stuffed animals (should be colorful and attractive)
5-10 Toys with wheels, construction toys
10-15 Pedal cars, karts, Lego
16-20 Gadgets, electronic gizmos
21-25 Tech gifts, watches


General Statistics:

When Do People Purchase Birthday Gifts?


Time duration Preference
A month before 20%
A week before 53%
A day before 14%
On the day of 9%


Favorite Birthday Traditions:


Birthday tradition preference
Cutting cake with candles 25%
Birthday cards 3%
Spending family time 14%
Being with friends 5%
Opening presents 4%


Shopping For Gifts:

Shopping for gifts is a necessary process when celebrating someone’s birthday. It is an added expense along with other expenditures. However, people can avail coupons and discount deals to get gifts in reduce-prices. Buying birthday gifts for husband or wife from a souvenir shop or online is easier as you have known each other for a while. However, shopping gifts for other people can be a little tricky.

Most people save money by buying similar gifts for several people while others wait for sales and avail the coupon deals. This helps people to stay within the budget. Some of the cheap and best birthday gifts are available in souvenir stores and online. Some sites also have discounts for the birthday person. A great example is Starbucks that gives a free drink to the birthday girl or boy.

Final Words:

Birthday is a special day for everyone. Although people celebrate it in different ways, it holds a special place in their hearts. Shopping for gifts and brainstorming for birthday gift ideas comes alongside this celebration. Many souvenir shops have birthday gift discounts and coupons and promo deals that make purchasing gifts affordable.

Birthday gifts shouldn’t be a burden for anyone. The feelings behind the gift should matter rather than the price. The average birthday gift cost should lie between $30-$60. Likewise, extravagant birthday parties should be avoided. Instead, small gatherings should be organized.




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