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ChicMe is an online shopping website with a carefully curated selection of women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, and health and beauty products. At ChicMe, we believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone, and so we strive to provide our customers with high quality products at a lower cost than the rest of the market. With sizes ranging from small to 5XL, you can be sure of finding clothes that make you both look and feel your best at ChicMe!


  1.  Does ChicMe offer any discounts for new members?

A: Yes! Registering an account with ChicMe entitles you to exclusive discount offers and promo codes that are personalized to your individual shopping tastes.


2.    How do I save money by shopping at ChicMe?

A: We at ChicMe believe in providing affordable fashion to our customers. Our prices are 50-80% cheaper than other brands because we source our products directly from manufacturers. 

By creating a free account with us, you will get exclusive coupons and promo codes. Also, through our credit program, you can gain credits for free by doing simple tasks such as registering an account with us or writing a review. These credits can then be redeemed to reduce the price of an item.


3.    Why should I shop at ChicMe?

A: At ChicMe, we pride ourselves on the high-quality and reasonable rates of our products. Our catalogue includes more than 100,000 different product styles and we update it with more than 500 new items every single day, to facilitate our customers in keeping up with the hottest trends in the market.

Protecting our customers’ data is also an important priority for us, and so we do our best to make the entire shopping process entirely safe and legit. 


4.    How can you redeem a coupon at ChicMe?

A: To redeem a coupon at ChicMe, go to the ‘View Cart’ page, enter the full coupon code in the ‘Coupon’ bar, and click apply. Please make sure the coupon is not expired and that it applies to the products in your cart.


5.    How much can I save while buying from ChicMe?

A: The prices at ChicMe are 50-80% cheaper than the rest of the market. Apart from reasonable pricing, we also offer discount deals in the form of credits, coupons and promo codes to our customers.

The exact amount you can save at ChicMe depends on the type of coupon you choose to redeem and the total amount of items you buy. The maximum price that an item can be reduced to by redeeming a coupon is $0. If application of the redemption value yields a price less than $0, the coupon will be redeemed only for the amount that yields a $0 price.

Depending on your purchase and the promotional deals you choose to utilize, you might be eligible for other discount offers such as free shipping and cashback as well.


6.    How much discount does ChicMe offer on dresses?

A: ChicMe has a large variety of dresses in different colors and styles, including but not limited to bodycon dresses, maxi dresses, wrap dresses, mini and midi dresses. Our items are highly affordable and by using additional cost-cutting methods such as coupons, promotional offers and free shipping, you can buy flattering and chic clothing for a very reasonable price. 


7.    Does ChicMe accept all major forms of credit?

A: Yes. ChicMe accepts all major forms of credit, including PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.


8.    What is your return policy?

A: In the event that you are unhappy with your order, ChicMe provides full refunds to customers once the products are shipped back to us. We only accept returns within the first 30 days of you receiving your delivery. The product should be in the original bag and all tags should be intact. Swimsuit, lingerie, bodysuits, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories cannot be returned. 


9.    How do I get a refund from ChicMe?

A: If you wish to return your order and get a refund, please contact our Customer Service through the ‘Contact Us’ page and describe the items you want to return and the reason for returning them. 


10. What is the location of your store?

A: ChicMe is an online shopping website based out of Cyprus. At present, we have no physical store location. 


11. How can I track my order?

A: You can track your order at any time by going to the ‘Order Tracking’ page and inputting your Order Number in the search bar. You can also track your order by logging into your ChicMe account and accessing ‘Orders’ under the ‘Me’ section. Then select the ‘Track’ option next to the order you want to track.

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